Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

We are happy to welcome you to our website TARIF.

This Policy of Confidentiality, using and storing personal data (hereinafter Privacy and Confidentiality Policy) is applicable to all information that the website TARIF (hereinafter the Website), which bears the domain name (as well as its subdomains), may obtain about a User while they are using the website TARIF (as well as its subdomains), its software and its products.

The administration of the website complies with Personal Data Protection Act 1981.

Please, note that by continuing to use the Website, you agree to your personal data processing and to the terms of User Agreement as well as to this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

1. General terms

1.1 By using the Website, a user agrees to this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and to how personal data is handled.

1.2 If a User does not agree to the terms of this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy, he should stop using the Website immediately. 

1.3 This Policy is the only legal basis for any judicial proceedings arising out of or relating to the use of the Website, between a User and the Website or any party acting on his behalf.

1.4 By using the Website, a User confirms that he has read, understood and agreed to all the terms of this Policy.

1.5 In order to refer to a User, the masculine gender is used in this Confidentiality Policy and the User Agreement for convenience purposes only and shall include the feminine and neuter gender.

1.6 All property rights and intellectual property rights belong to the Website Administration, including the rights to the results of intellectual activity such as the source code, data bases used in the Website, design, texts and means of individualisation (brand name, trade marks, service marks, business names). The use of the Website does not imply the assignment of the rights  to the Website or its components. A User is granted a time limited right to use the Website in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and other agreements between the Parties.     

2. Use of Personal Data

2.1 Personal data of a User is processed without limit of time, by any legal way, including personal information management systems, with or without the use of automation.

2.2 A User agrees that the Administration of the Website has the right to disclose personal data to third parties, namely, to deliver service, post office, telecom carriers and communication companies solely for the purposes of completing a User’s order submitted on the Website TARIF.

2.3 A User authorises the Website Administration and/or its co-owners to disclose the obtained information about the User to third parties in monetary terms and/or free of charge, including names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and any other information that the User provided on his own accord.

2.4 The Website Administration may store the information a User provided on his own accord indefinitely for advertising, sales promotion or any other legal way to use information under any law. A User hereby agrees and acknowledges that he is waiving any claims to the Website related to the use of his personal data as specified above and in the Website Privacy and Confidentiality Policy. 

3. Website Description

3.1 The Website TARIF is an information website. This website is a mediator and informational platform between users and telecommunication companies who are service providers of mobile communication, Internet, TV etc. The website provides users the information about services, special offers, prices etc. from the telecom companies in Israel, collects data about users and discloses the data to third parties. By filling in the form to get personal offers and special terms for communication companies services, users agree that the Website reserves the right to disclose this information to third parties. By submitting your data, you agree that the Website may send you promotional and/or other content via e-mail and/or SMS of any extent and as often as needed. You are entitled to cancel promotional and/or other notifications by informing the Website Administration using the contact form on the website.

3.2 The Website Administration underlines that this is neither an e-commerce website, nor service or equipment provider; it does not provide services or products to users. 

4. Disclaimer

4.1 As stated under the Agreement, the Website Administration does not provide a User any paid services, consumer protection law is not applicable to the relationships between the Administration and Users.

4.2 While the Website Administration is making every effort to ensure security and integrity of personal data, we can not guarantee that software, servers, and computer networks used by the Website are completely free of errors and viruses. If users lose their data or their equipment is damaged as a result of the Website use, the Administration should not be held accountable in that regard.  A User agrees that the Website Administration should not be held accountable for data disclosure resulting from any unauthorised access, system and server attacks. A User waives any claims against the Website Administration.

4.3 The Website Administration should not be held accountable for any products and/or services, for delivering products and/or services, delivery terms, quality and accessibility of services and/or products provided by third parties and/or companies. 

4.4 The Website Administration shall not be liable for any damage that users may suffer from third parties and/or companies related to services and/or products of bad quality, denial and/or delay in providing services, delay in product delivery, damages caused to the product in transit or during connection and/or other situations in which a User may suffer moral, physical and/or financial damage.

5. Rights and Obligations of the Parties                                 

5.1 A user of the Website shall provide true, accurate and current information.

5.2 A User shall not use personal data of any other person and/or impersonate another person. A User shall be legally and financially held responsible for the Website damages and/or for any damage to third parties as a result of the breach of this paragraph.

5.3 A User is entitled to use the Website for personal purposes only, not commercial purposes. It is prohibited to use the Website and all other materials related to the Website for commercial or other purposes that are not covered by this Agreement.

5.4 The Website Administration can not guarantee site availability at any moment and reserves the right to delete, modify or limit access to any pages or sections of the Website in its sole discretion.

5.5 The Website Administration is entitled to transfer the rights of possession of the trademark, intellectual property, rent and possession of servers and anything related to the Website to third parties without prior notice and consent of users.

5.6 The Website Administration shall not be liable for any damage to the computer of users or other persons as well as to mobile devices, any other equipment or software arising out of or relating to the use of the Website materials. 

6. Dispute Resolution

6.1 Before taking formal legal action concerning disputes arising out of the relationships between a User and the Website Administration, it is obligatory to submit your claim by filling in the contact form on the Website or sending an e-mail to (a written proposal about voluntary settlement of the dispute).

6.2 Within 30 calendar days, the recipient of the claim will inform the claimant in writing   about the results of the claim assessment.

6.3 If the parties in dispute fail to reach the agreement, the court will resolve the dispute with a decision in conformity with the current legislation of Israel.

7. Supplementary Terms

7.1 The Website Administration is entitled to amend this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy without User’s consent.

7.2 The new  Privacy and Confidentiality Policy shall come into effect upon its publication on the Website. 7.3 Submit all your suggestions or questions related to this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy using the contact form on the Website or sending an e-mail at

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