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Welcome to our website TARIF. We are not part of any of the providers and we offer only true and fair information about mobile communication, Internet and television pricing and plans. Every day we do our best to give you full and objective picture about services and prices on the communication market in Israel. We carefully study all offers, additional requirements and unobvious moments related to service connection. We try to give you the most comprehensive information to help you make the right choice.

Do you represent any company?
No, we do not. TARIF is an independent project that was established to help users receive accurate and updated information about mobile communication, Internet and TV services in Israel.
I want to activate the service using your website, who exactly will perform the activation?
All requests for service activation are redirected to the official representatives of the company the service of which you want to activate.
How does Internet work in Israel?
To start receiving Internet services, you will need to purchase two services first: Tashtit (an infrastructure service) and Sapak (Internet Service Provider) and connect to the router. Choosing an Internet provider plan, pay attention to the services that are included in the package. Most companies offer both Tashtit and Sapak. Depending on what you need, you may purchase infrastructure and Internet Service Provider separately. You may choose the plan on the page Internet on our website.
What infrastructure should I choose?
Virtually for each address, there is the possibility to install any currently available infrastructure. There are exceptions, however, and some service providers may be unavailable for you. It is difficult to say exactly what infrastructure is better. Choosing the package, you should take into account technical capacities of your place, your demands and preferences. You may find all available Internet service plans on the page «Internet» on our website.
How should I choose a provider?
Unlike infrastructure providers, there are much more Internet providers in Israel. They all offer different Internet service plans and pricing. To make a right choice, decide what speed you need, study all available offers on the page Internet on our website and talk to the provider whether they are able to activate the infrastructure (Tashtit) and provider (Sapak) that you chose.
How can I disconnect from the Internet?
You have to follow these steps to get completely disconnected from the Internet:
1. Inform your service provider that you want to disconnect from Internet.
2. Make sure that your service provider clearly understands that you want to disconnect from Internet completely but not just to change your Internet plan etc.
3. Hold on and wait until the representative of your service provider fills in the application form for Internet disconnection.
4. Return the equipment (typically, a box, a router and wires) to the nearest service center.
May I connect provider and infrastructure separately?
Of course, you may. On the page Internet, you may find all currently available offers.
What should I do if my Wi-Fi is not working?
1. Make sure that you paid for your Internet and that this is not the problem with your Internet Service Provider. Call Internet Service Provider tech support and find this out. You may also connect Internet directly to your computer (if possible) to see whether Internet works without the router.
2. Reboot your router (push the power button and wait for some minutes and then switch it on again)
3. Wait until the router is switched on and connected to the Internet (all the lights are blinking as described in the manufacturer’s instruction)
4. Make sure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi.
If the problem is not solved, call the tech support.
What is Fiber Internet?
This is a relatively new Internet infrastructure in Israel that is also known as fiber optic Internet. Optical fiber is a durable material with a high bandwidth. Due to this characteristic, it provides greater data transmission speed. At the moment, this is the fastest way to transmit data across the Internet. However this infrastructure is not available everywhere in Israel. If you want to connect to Fiber, you should find out whether it is technically possible at your place.
May I set up a router for the Internet myself?
No. A router can be set up only by a qualified specialist. The companies do not provide an opportunity of self-installation for their clients in order to make sure that the Internet will work correctly and to avoid possible technical errors.
What mobile communication package should I choose?
In Israel there is a great number of various plans and rates for mobile communication. The choice of the package depends on your needs and preferences. Mobile network operators offer packages that include international calls, Internet traffic and family plans with several phone lines. You may find more information about available packages on the page «Mobile Communication» on our website.
What does the price for 1 or 2 years mean?
Mobile network operators set the date on which the price quotation expires and in a year or two years the price increases. Be attentive about the expiration date and a month before this date call the representative of the company to extend or to change your plan.
How may I use mobile communication services abroad?
To avoid large bills for using your mobile phone abroad, you need to activate ROAMING on your phone. You may learn more information about this service at the representative of the company.
May I keep my phone number if I change the provider?
Yes, of course. When changing your current provider, inform the representative of your new provider about keeping your old phone number.
What should I do If I ran out of my monthly limit on my SIM card?
Each operator sets a different limit for different plans. If you run out of your limit, then you won’t be able to use mobile Internet. Typically, you should receive an SMS notification with the offer to extend your limit for the current month for a small fee. If you did not get such a notification, contact your provider and ask them to extend your limit for the current month. Please, be aware that this is a fee-paying service in many cases.
How to activate premium channels on my TV?
Typically, your set-top box allows you activating premium channels using your TV interface. If your set-top box does not have this function, contact your TV provider. Please, be aware that premium channels are additional services and you will have to pay for watching them.
May I decline the services of the company, If I don’t like them?
Yes. You may deactivate any service at any time under the terms of your Agreement with the company without any additional charges or fines. Please, be aware that if you used rental equipment, you must return it to the company.
Do I have any obligations to the company?
You have no other obligation to the company except monthly payment or payments for any additional services. At any time, you may terminate the service Agreement in accordance with the terms established by the company. Please, be aware that if you purchased any equipment or other devices on an installment plan, then you must meet all your financial obligations first.

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The vast majority of mobile phone, Internet and television users always look for more attractive offers. However, it takes time to contact each company to learn about the pricing and services. We collected all currently available offers on the communication market in Israel. Every day we monitor the prices and offers of the companies in Israel. On our website you will find all currently available offers. You may take your time to study them all and choose what you need.


The advantages of choosing services on the site "TARIF"
We are not part of any telecommunication company in Israel.
We regularly monitor the situation to give you relevant information about pricing and services.
You will find the most comprehensive information about the services. You will have time to study all the offers and make an informative decision after which you may contact the company representative.
You can clearly see what you get when you choose the plan and what is the price of the offer. You don’t have to waste your time to get this information by contacting several companies.

I have questions or offers concerning the work of your website. How can I contact you?

We are glad to help you and answer your questions. You can find our contacts on the page «Contacts» on our website. Leave your contact information and we will call you back.

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